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About Fink's & Co.


Fink’s & Co. carries on a legacy of family artisans and mercantile businesses. Alice Finkelstein Allen, fourth generation and founder of Fink’s & Co., grew up seeing firsthand the care and hard work it took to run stores that provided quality goods to the public.

The family’s companies, J.W. Smoak Hardware Co. and Fink’s were established in the late 19th century in Orangeburg, South Carolina. Together, they provided the community with everything from ladies’ fur coats and custom men’s suits, to milling supplies and fine china.  Her family sold local businessmen fine silver to celebrate their anniversaries, dressed doctors in their Sunday best and crafted the understated, luxurious china for southern dinners.

Alice’s father would often take her to see her grandfather, Mr. Fink, at Fink’s.  There, she would run through the ladies’ fur coats without notice and get a stern eye if she ever dared touch an Italian imported hat—the smell of highly polished leather shoes and beautiful shades of navy always catching her eye.

Taking pride in this tradition of luxury while defining her creative voice, Alice founded Fink’s & Co. in 2017. She designs the modern heirlooms that today’s women can pass down to future generations.


A South Carolina native, Alice was surrounded by art, nature, and architecture from an early age and influenced by her parent's love of fine arts.

Today, Alice brings more than 20 years of design and fine art experience to every piece. She has an extensive formal education starting with a bachelor’s degree in sculpture from Clemson University, she studied iron and metalsmithing from Penland School of Crafts and received a second bachelor’s degree from Converse College in interior design. Her journey took her all over the world to work on expansive design projects as an interior designer and metalsmith. While working in New York City, Alice honed her metalsmithing skills attending night classes at Jewelry Art Inc. and The School of Visual Arts, New York. She then earned a graduate jeweler diploma from the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts San Francisco. Since 2017, Alice has focused her extensive education, experience, and passion exclusively on fine art jewelry.


Using flames, files, and hammers, Alice crafts artisan jewelry inspired by heritage and a spirit of experimentation. Alice designs and produces each piece of jewelry in her collection by hand. Quality craft, rich color palettes, nontraditional materials, and bold geometric motifs ensure her designs remain favorites for generations to come.

A Fink’s & Co. design is intended to be remembered.


Fink’s & Co. is based in Greenville, South Carolina.  Visits are welcome by appointment only.  Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see the latest designs.